About Me

I’m Anna; mom, athlete, coach, and total food junkie. If you follow me on social media, you are likely aware of this already. I love what I do and I’m obsessed with food, so I finally created this site to share that.


First, because I started getting so many requests to have a permanent and accessible platform for recipes. Apparently a lot of people out there want to know the method to my random and ridiculous kitchen extravaganzas. Which is pretty cool. I mean, I think everyone should have as much fun with eating as I do.

Next, because I want to share different ways of eating fun things, regardless of what your goals are or how familiar you are with all the options out there.
Are you bored with what you’re eating now?
Wanting to try new things?
Standing in front of your fridge with zero clue how to make your own food?
Wanting to up your breakfast game?
Searching for a way to treat yourself with a totally awesome dessert?
Perfect! Learn a few things, discover deliciousness along the way, and maybe even be mildly entertained by my ramblings. It’s a potential triple win here folks.

Lastly, I want to change some conceptions and blow a few minds. Lots of people assume that a healthy lifestyle means bland diets, endless workouts and cutting the fun out of life. FALSE. You can totally have your cake and eat it too–and I do mean that literally.

I’ve spent several years trying different things to find a lifestyle that was both optimal and maintainable for me. It had to be something that made me feel and look my best but also something I would enjoy following long term.
I get asked all the time “what I am”; paleo? vegan? low carb? high fat? Well, all of the above, to varying degrees, and the recipes on here will reflect all of them at one point or another. I consider myself a flexible dieter. Sadly, this usually comes with some preconceived notions about eating anything you want, especially junk, as long as it “fits your macros”.
Yeah. No.
The way I approach flexible dieting is by basing my meals around a variety of nutrient-dense, whole foods that nourish my body while allowing myself the freedom to treat on occasion without guilt or stress of failure. There’s no falling off the wagon if you don’t get on one in the first place.

Am I here to promote flexible dieting over any other choices? Absolutely not. Rather, I’m here to prove that enjoying food can happen for anyone, with any goal, following any protocol. Some things I post may not be for you, but I hope you will enjoy following me on my kitchen adventures anyway. Food can be fun. And simple. And exciting. I challenge you to try something new!

Food junkie.