Peanut Butter White Chocolate Protein Cookies

I’m going to keep this short and sweet:

These are officially my favorite and simplest cookie of all time.

No eggs.

No flour.

No dairy.

No oil.

And they take a total of 10 MINUTES to make and bake. Seriously: 2 minutes to make, 8 minutes to bake. You can’t even make a trip to¬†the grocery store and buy pre made cookies in 10 minutes. I should probably rename these the Instant Gratification¬†Cookies… ūü§Ē




Chocolate Chip Banana Bread

You know what foods don’t get enough love?
Celery. Spinach. Cauliflower rice. Cabbage. Cucumber. Zucchini.
Let’s face it, they are not very sexy foods.
But you know what they are perfect for? VOLUME. Adding substance and helping you feel full without overloading on calories. This is key if you want to drop weight and/or lean out without sacrificing on the quantity of food that you take in every day.

I mean seriously, check¬†out the macros on these! All¬†with no (or very negligible) fat, are low carb and low calorie yet still¬†include some protein and fiber.¬†Oh, and these numbers are based on two cups–yes CUPS–of each!

Zucchini – 4g protein / 8g carb / 2g fiber / 58 calories

Celery Р1g protein / 6g carb / 3g fiber / 32 calories

Spinach Р2g protein / 2g carb / 2g fiber / 14 calories

Cauliflower Р4g protein / 10g carb / 5g fiber / 50 calories

Cabbage Р2g protein / 10g carb / 4g fiber / 44 calories

I usually add a cup or two of one of these vegetables in with whatever meal I’m eating, mix it up, and it suddenly becomes a lot more food in my stomach which means I feel satisfied longer‚Ķ which is everything.

Other things to try that make these a little more interesting:

– Grilled zucchini topped with garlic salt, oregano, basil and parmesan cheese.

Celery dipped in your favorite nut/seed butter.

– Use spinach in salads instead of romaine or iceberg lettuces. Also add spinach to your morning omelet for extra fiber.

– Make Mexican “rice” using cauliflower rice: add your usual seasonings but use the veggie instead of the grain for a low-carb, nearly identical-tasting alternative!

РRaw cabbage leaf wraps (instead of bread) for sandwiches, or chop and sauté it in a stir fry.

You know what¬†else I love about these veggies? Their low-caloric profile¬†allows me room to eat fun things. Sexy things. Like this banana bread. Yeahhhhhh. Let’s talk about sexy chocolate chip banana bread.


In addition to the incredible, melt-in-your-mouth texture and rich, tasty combo of bananas and chocolate, this hearty bread is actually made with chickpea flour, giving each slice a whopping 8g of fiber!
Plus it’s also free of nuts (peanuts are legumes, guys, don’t get it twisted), dairy, gluten and soy. Winning.


I mean…!


Chocolate Peanut Butter Protein Brownies

One day I will post something that has nothing to do with peanut butter or chocolate…

[in best Viggo Mortensen voice] “…BUT IT IS NOT THIS DAY.”


Three things you should know:

1) These things are the most fudge-y, chocolate-y, peanut butter-y brownie I have ever made.

2) I purposely divided the pan¬†into 9 HUGE servings¬†instead of the typical 12 you find in most recipes. Because I don’t believe in eating small brownies. Ever.

3) On top of all that, they are¬†also gluten free! Okay well the brownie is, can’t speak for the P28 on top, but that’s okay, we aren’t perfect here. If you don’t tolerate gluten or dairy you can easily omit the P28 Caramel Turtle spread and substitute with another favorite nut butter. Whew. Problem solved.



Triple Layer Protein Cookie Dough Cups

Growing up, my comfort food was cereal. It was my breakfast 99% of the time and also solved virtually every problem in life. When I was five and the mean boy stole my crayons or when I was sixteen and he broke my heart, a bowl or two or five of milk and cereal would instantly make me happy.
My two favorites were Cinnamon Life and Cinnamon Toast Crunch (sensing theme here?). I could put away an entire box if my Mom allowed. Which she didn’t. But¬†figuring¬†out how to do life¬†was hard, and cereal always¬†helped.

While my kids and I usually enjoy a fairly simple, whole food diet, there are certain staples from my childhood that I get for them on occasion; one of those being a fun cereal of their choice.
I love the Mom’s Best Brand cereals because they have lots of¬†popular flavors made without all the yuck like preservatives, food dyes, chemicals and high fructose corn syrup. They’re also not expensive; I usually find them on sale for $2-3 a box.
If you are looking for a cleaner alternative to the cereal game, I highly recommend giving this brand a try!


This time around, we had Toasted Cinnamon Squares, and I wanted to make something fun that reminded me of being a kid again… ¬†with protein, though, because¬†gains.

With a dark chocolate base, chewy protein cookie dough center, crunchy cinnamon toast crust all stacked and¬†drizzled¬†in a high-protein snickerdoodle¬†glaze, it’s an absolutely fantastic little bomb of yum.




Peanut Butter Banana Protein Waffles

If you’ve followed me on social media for more than the last, let’s say, 15 minutes, you are likely aware that I am obsessed with waffles. Breakfast, lunch, post-training, dinner, dessert… They’re the most versatile food in my dietary arsenal, one of my obvious favorites, and let’s be honest, have you ever looked at a plate full of these dripping in syrup and toppings and just thought, “…nah.”?

That’s what I thought.

Anyway. Versatile.
I make different types¬†based on what time of day I’m eating them. For instance, if I have them for breakfast I will make¬†them higher in fat (use a whole egg in the mix and top with some sort of fun peanut/almond/cashew butter)¬†to keep me full while I work all morning.
If they are a post-training refuel then I¬†will make them¬†low fat (using egg whites) and higher carb (add bananas, granola, chocolate, cookies, etc). Post-training is probably my favorite time to eat these because I either 1) just had my body and soul crushed, in which case waffles¬†cheer me up, or 2) I had an awesome session, in which case I want to freakin celebrate–with food¬†of course.¬†Either way,¬†these tasty pancakes with abs¬†are always there for me, you know?

I can also make nearly-zero-carb “prep waffles” when I’m a week out from a meet and have to make¬†weight. Not nearly as much culinary fun on those, but my point is I always find a way to make waffles¬†happen in my life, regardless of whether I’m on a macro budget or not.

You see? Waffles. Every day. For every occasion. It’s the perfect food.


Thanks to the fantastic humans at Better Body Foods, I was surprised with a huge tub of PBfit Powdered Peanut Butter, among other goodies, so I dedicate this first waffle post to them, and, of course, the love of all things peanut butter-related.

This recipe is an example of a variation I would eat post-training. Just one variation of, oh, about 500? I appreciate having choices.


Note: for a more “traditional” waffle consistency, I recommend using a whole egg instead of just the whites. I am sensitive to the yolks, which is why I usually use just the whites.

Peanut Butter Oreo Protein Cookies

Sure, you could eat Oreos straight out of the sleeve.
Go on, be normal, be safe.
While you’re at it, avoid talking to strangers, never eat raw cookie dough, print the directions instead of using¬†GPS and always obey the¬†“caution: hot” label on your coffee in the morning.

But why.

Why not pack each Oreo with 7 grams of peanut butter protein and make them into completely epic cookies?

Yeah. Now we’re talking.



I happened to be making these for someone who loves Oreos, but you could really use anything you want on top of these protein-packed little buggers.
Go crazy!
I know I’m definitely trying more varieties of this down the road.
You pickin up what I’m puttin down?
You as hungry as I am now?





Protein Samoa Cookies


Well what do you know, it finally happened; I got the blog up. And it only took 6 months, 3 web hosting companies, 2 domain changes, 36 calls to tech support and 462,000 hours agonizing over layout and structure.
This is normal, right?

It feels odd to launch with practically zero content, but adding food is the easy part. Believe me, I have no shortage. Recipes backed up for days. Not to mention new things I want to try. So brace yourselves.

Part of my reason for experimenting with food all the time is because I never want to feel restricted—okay, “left out” (yes, I am a child)—for switching to a whole food lifestyle and eliminating things from my diet that I’m sensitive to. I love¬†taking common treats and finding a way of making them more “friendly”, whether that be low-carb friendly, Paleo friendly, gluten-free friendly, vegan friendly, macro friendly….. You get the point.

Which brings me to my next point: These cookies.

After I turned¬†over a¬†box of Girl Scout Samoas and analyzed¬†the label filled with 27+ ingredients, realized I didn’t know what half of them were and finished sweating¬†at the amount of carbohydrates per serving, I took a stand and took to the kitchen. These were always my favorite Girl Scout cookies, and I wasn’t about to be left out this season.